Bone Vale

The site of countless battles, Bone Vale first began it’s long and bloody history when the Vale-lands resisted incorporation by Teral in X115. Bonevale has a history of rebellion associated with it, though the inhabitants eventually lost. Then, during the Teral-Weyland wars, Bone Vale was the location of a major loss of the Weylic forces as they retreated backwards from their conquests. In those days it was still known as Greenvale.

Then, after the Knights of Thyrnesse were betrayed by Teralian merchants and an entire deployment of them slaughtered for money on the Teral plains, Greenvale was razed by a punitive military force in X277. It was partially this destructive act that convinced the Order of the Sword Militant to construct a fortress in Midvale. Of course, Teral was soon to fall, leaving the Sword-Militant to deal with goblins, ogres, and hobgoblins instead of dangerous warring city-states.

It is said that Marius Hypator, one of the four sorcerer-generals of the Teralian Social War, is secretly buried somewhere in Bonevale, where he was raised.

Towns of Bone Vale





White Tree

Bracstone Height

Sites and ruins

Sidunum, a silver mine.

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Bone Vale

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