Lesser God Alignment:CG Portfolio: War, fools, love Dogma: Give of yourself endlessly to whatever you undertake Epithets: the Fool, the Foolhardy, the Brave, the Lover

Talifer is the god of foolishness, of rushing into the breach. He is known as the god of bright emotions, and many younger elves harbor secret devotion to the Foolhardy One. Emotions burn bright and run hot in young elves, and the burning desire for love has led more than a few to the worship of the Lover in hopes of catching his (or her) desired amour.

Talifer himself is a crippled god, depicted with an arm in a sling in all of his statues. Legend has it that Talifer is the youngest of the elvish Aeliö and he arrived late to see Noronë handing out the gift of endless life from the waters of the Fountain. In the early years of the elvish people Talifer was the first god to lead a charge against the Felnumen and to do battle with the orcs and ogres of the north.

As their people grew older and their civilization flourished, it is said that Talifer fell in love with the Lady of the Waters, Meri. However, he could not find a way to prove his love to her and instead threw himself more bravely into war. To this day it is said that Talifer secretly pines for the Mistress of Sorrows and seeks to free her from Vodei’s kingdom.

Talifer’s priesthood are made up of loud, brash elves who preach the call to noble war and who also minister to those struck by the moon-madness of love. His temples are more like shrines than proper temples, usually just large enough to contain his statue, a place for offerings, and a side room to support the cleric who is stationed there. Often, Taliferian temples will be raised on the sites of great battles of the elves.

In addition, Taliferian clerics are known as War Priests, and gladly accompany elvish armies to war, supplementing the healing power of Noronë’s followers.

Sormsword Bachelor” (taliferan warrior kit)
req: 12 str, 15 dex, 11 wis or lower, 16 cha
+4 reaction to the sex you’re attracted to,
can only specialize in falcata, can never use a shield, and attacks as one rank better (3/2 at level 1, 2/1 if spec’d, etc)
Every taliferan temple has a stormsword falcata master, many have grandmasters
gets talifer-only spells as a level 1 cleric at level 6

Falcata: 3lb, Size M, Slashing, Speed 3, 2d4/1d8 dmg, knockdown d8

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