Oldwall Tavern

Oldwall Tavern and Inn, formerly owned by Roland, paid for by Niro, Mindanor, and Garavus.

Operational funds on 10th Hording, 511X were somewhere in the range of 1150 gold.
Buttery is contents managed by Eralia, we don’t go there enough to keep track of it on a daily basis

Costs of doing business:
Cook Florie Jute: 2 silver a month, old gnomish cook, Grandma Jute
Alewife and House Manager: Eralia, 5 silver a month, hires who she wants. Good beer.
4 sp/mo for 4 servers, 2cp/mo for one stableboy)
50 gp a month to stock the larder

Breaks down as 5112cp/mo

Upon the Valeguards return, Eralia had turned a profit on the sum Salmero had paid her. Good going, Eralia!
The Valeguard delivered 2 tuns (500 pitchers worth each) of Red Seal brew. A potential profit of more than 5000 gold! A more likely profit in a much smaller margin.
Garavus will leave a wagon, 2 mules (w/ harness etc), and an extra wagon wheel to her
He also decorated the bar with Thilg’s copper crown, and a trophy Mindanor took from the dead Ettercap, a claw.

Operational funds in Hording were somewhere in the range of 1150 gold.
Collected 700 profits on 10th of reaping, harvesttide, re-invested 200 of it back into the inn.
Collected 640 on the 9th of longing, reinvested 200 back in again
On the day after Long Night (22nd of Colding), Garavus told Eralia to invest up to 200 gold from what would normally be profits each month back into whatever she wanted for the tavern/inn
Base capital improvement by 200 in yearning

Oldwall Tavern

Abridged History of the 10th Age Vortor