Size: ~2,000 Government: Local Council, seat of the Governor of Northvale Locale Militia: Small, 15 or so members

General Information. The hamlet of Eastwick stands only a few miles from it’s original Teral-period ruin where the flourishing emporia and warehouses were located. Now a favored place of adventurers to retire (and for new adventurers to begin their study of the wandering life), Eastwick is a peaceful town in a small river-valley in the Northvale. The new town has no wall (though the emporia still does, crumbling as it is) and thus little protection were any truly dangerous thing to occur in the area.

At first glance the town center does not appear to house the nearly two thousand souls of Eastwick, as it is simply a place where the old northerly Saltgate road met with the Abbey-way. However, the town itself has many satellite settlements scattered only a few moments walk from the center of town. These are mostly trappers communities that supply the town.

Politics. Eastwick is the seat of the Governor of Northvale, who has nominal jurisdiction as judge and general administrator of the region. This includes Eastwick and the various farmsteads in the area of Northvale as well as Hammer Gully, Hilbend, Eltdown, and Hilstop. The town is ruled over by the local council (drawn from upstanding members of society).

The governor of Northvale is a retired elf adventurer named Ithonwe Whitecloak.

Amenities. There are many temples in Eastwick but the most prominent is that of Eliea. It is an outdoor temple, exposed to the air. A single pool represents the holy sanctum of the temple, which is not filled by any means besides rainwater. The ground around it is paved, and there are four pillars on the corners of the little square mosaic space. It is ministered to by a priestess named Aurea Bylane.

As for places to stay, while adventurers are not a rare sight in Eastwick (or any other vale-town), it has no proper inn. There is a tavern (Oldwall-by-River) and a boarding house (Gaffer Hamlen’s). Hamlen is an old halfling man who charges 5 cp/week for folks staying in his home. Board is an additional 5 cp/week.

Oldwall is a small two-room tavern with a taproom large enough to accommodate most of the town and run by Roland, the old man that owns the place. The other room is a kitchen; both are made of unmortared stone and the roof is thatch.

People. Other than those mentioned above, the farmer called Oliver (a young bearded man with light brown hair) serves as the captain of the Eastwick militia. There is also the farmer named Dave Tallow who dwells there, having lost his sons when an elf-harpist came to inspire the town to fight the bandits – his only followers, the four Tallow boys, were all slain.

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