The Loremaster's Shield

A wooden kite shield banded with elf-silver


This shield functions as a shield +2; in addition it has a command word inscribed in the elf-silver rim (“valo”) that causes it to glow with a faint radiance, as of moonlight. This light is bright enough to see 120’ straight ahead.


The Loremaster’s Shield was specially made for Salainen and his men as a reward from the Alcosa. The famous Arvoreen magician Viisaluomos Alcosa crafted it for them in thanks for ridding the Arovoreen roads of the bandit-lord Sezzus’ marauders. In truth, the Scourge simply paid off the hobgoblin to stay away for some months and took home some heads as “proof.”

The shield is a beautiful work of smithcraft, made from sturdy birch and banded with sindabras and complete with a sindabras boss engraved to look like a crescent moon.

The Loremaster's Shield

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