The Bow of the Mountains

A bow made of whitewood

weapon (ranged)

This heavy bow functions as a composite longbow used by a character of Str 18/00 no matter what the character’s actual strength is—this means, damage bonuses are applied.


The Bow of the Mountains was crafted from the heart of a whitewood tree in X377 in the kingdom of Tarvia (the region that would become known as Claulan in the modern day). The bow was made as a gift to the nobleman Heddred vel Banstadt who is said to have used in during the War of Maren’s Crown to feather dwarves in Feindal (x394-402).

Vel Banstadt was one of the nobles ambushed at the Steinnvel on return to Claulan. The bow has been lost since that battle.

The Bow of the Mountains

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