Teos Salunelma

The Book of Dreaming

  1. of Pages: 250

Spells Contained:

Level 1: Message (1-3), Nystarior’s Magical Aura (4-5), Wall of Fog (6-10), Soldava’s Simple Spell Immunity (11-13)

Soldava’s Simple Spell Immunity


Range: 0 Components: V,S
Duration: Special Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Self Saving Throw: None

The Simple Spell Immunity provides the caster with a limited defense against magical attacks. This defense applies to spells cast with the protected caster as the target but not the use of charges or magical items; in this case, scrolls count as spells.

Immediately after casting, the caster is protected against 1d3 spell levels. This protection causes any spell cast at the target to fail if the spell still has enough charge. However, if the spell is of a level greater than the protection the spell still offers, all remaining defense is negated but the wizard gets a bonus to his saving throw equal to the number of levels remaining in the Spell Immunity.

This spell is disrupted by damage in the same manner as an armor spell.

Level 2: Whispering Wind (14-18), Lorovelanimen’s Sequencer (19-25)

Lorovelanimen’s Sequencer


Range: 0 Components: V,S,M
Duration: 1 day Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: Self Saving Throw: None

A wizard using this spell is able to memorize two first level spells immediately after casting it. The material components of this spell are a piece of string and a wooden slate embossed with golden etching worth at least 25gp.


The Book of Dreaming is an elvish spellbook from the time before the Elf-Dragon Wars of the early Silversong period. It was most likely written at the Tower of Mourning in the great scriptoria and library there.

The book itself is made of heavy blue leather, ensorceled with spells of preservation upon it. It’s protected from water and fire, and bound with gold clasps. Its cover is studded with three star sapphires and tooled to look like the sky filled with clouds.

Teos Salunelma

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