Balvir Ragnarsson Urdr Tuðorinn

Thane of the Tuðorinn Clan


Balvir, son of Ragnar, is one of the more warlike thanes of the Tuðorinn clan. He is always spoiling for a fight, particularly with the orcs of the Whitespears. Balvir is nearly four hundred years old, and he fought during the sack of Bauglr where he earned his name “Cutlip” as his face was split open with an orcish axe.

Balvir is a burly old dwarf, still in great fitness for a clansman of his age. He wears his beard at waist length and braids it with trinkets of slain enemies; for each orc he has killed, he has commissioned a single iron bead to tie into it’s long white form. His face bears the horrible scar of the orcish axe, which he seems to relish as a trophy of his victories.

While no longer as strong as he once was, Balvir is still a formidable fighter.

Balvir Ragnarsson Urdr Tuðorinn

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius