Alsmið Garadsson Ralfsson Tuðorinn

Thane of the Tuðorinn Clan


Alsmið, son of Garad, is a Thane of little experience in the field. He was a smith when Bauglir fell and remains a smith to this day. He is an old dwarf going on his three hundred and fourteenth year, but he remains committed to the cause of the Tuðorinn clan, and has been known to go with scouting parties into the mountains to suss out the location of dangerous pockets of orcish settlement.

Alsmið is slight for a dwarf, and can barely hold up the armor he wears. He inherited his father’s close-faced snarling helm but has never lived up to the fearsome name of Garad Orcbreaker. Still, he is renowned for his skill at the forge, and beloved by the clan.

Alsmið Garadsson Ralfsson Tuðorinn

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius