Albartus Hillbridge


Born in X449, Albartus Hillbridge succeeded his father Dumont Hillbridge to the leadership of the Duchy. At 53 he has extended the influence of the Arx out to the edges of the current Ducal lands. He is known as a generous lord, and as such has swayed many of the knights and barons who were loyal to the other Dukes nearby.

He is a powerful man who has led many sorties against the other Dukes and is known as a champion of the people of the northlands. However, he is also considered to be a bloodthirsty opponent, as unyielding in battle as he is generous in peace. He has championed the Avaunite House at Hillbridge as they provide many healers for his forces when they are in the field.

The Hillbridge sigil is an archway argent chief on a field azure with a chief erminois.


Albartus Hillbridge

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